8th October - Reply from a member off the vibeadeliks




I breifly spoke to a memeber called casper over email, who i emailed yesterday regarding my questions:

  1. Would You Change Your Style To Get A Record Deal Or Become Successful?Personally I wouldn't change my style or anything along those lines. I'd assume that i'd have to adapt to accomodate the label, but I wouldn't water down myself or my material!
  2. Would you leave your band if the label told you too, and for you to carry on with your career as a solo artist, because they think you will be more successful?I'd have to discuss with the band if that actually happened. I've already had a publishign deal and the band were happy for me. They'd probably support me in whatever I thought was best, but it would be a hard choice to make. If I was a solo artist I'd make sure that the band we in the deal somewhere if the label want you enough they'd accomodate all parties to the best of their abilities!
  3. How long have you been trying to get into the music industry, and would you accept talent contests such as Xfactor for exposure?Firstly i hate Xfactor. I've been asked to do it and I've said 'NO!' immediately. I'm not trying to get into the music industry, I consider myself already in it.

I tweeted Laura Whitmore to see if she would answer some questions for me, i met her backstage at V festival, so hopefully she remembers who i am!

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