5th October - Reply from Tuned-1n managment


Contact: Shane O'Donnell

shane@tuned-1n.co.uk by Email


1. How many artists do you/ your company work with?

2. What genres are your artists?

3.How do you advertise / promote your artists?
4.How do you brand your artists?
5.How much control do you have on the artists?
6. From your opinion, would it be the artist themself or you as the management that determines there brand?

1. How many artists do you/ your company work with?
On a management level we deal with 13 artists/celebs and 4 brands, on a representation level we represent 58 artists, DJs and celebrities throughout the globe
2. What genres are your artists? 
Our artists vary in genres we have artists from genres such as commercial house/RnB, HipHop, RnB, Electro, Techno, House, Trance, Dubstep, Popstep, PopRock, Swing

3.How do you advertise / promote your artists?
We promote and advertise our artists through various forms of media from online and social media (websites, facebook, twitter, myspace, soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube, tumblr, flickr, deezer etc) to print (newspapers/magazines- articles and adverts; posters/flyers -usually just for events/releases, email shots, online advertising on music blog sites, radio -playlists, interviews, features) and street events (promo teams out on the street giving out merchandise, mixtapes and the like), Club PAs (generally get the artists booked in for a lot of PAs before or around the time of a launch of a single or album to 'showcase' their new work - benefit of that is that the venues pay the artist so you can recoup some of the other expense for the other forms of advertising)
4.How do you brand your artists?
It really depends on a few things, from their sound, their look and their persona, from this we know what markets to target (interests, age, genre preference etc) and we then know which companies/brands to get on board with sponsorship and association, which help to create the brand and image that we are aiming for our artist, for example, Sassy Pandez, our DJ who is the best female RnB/HipHop DJ in the World and Maxim Magazine has labelled her the sexiest in the world so she is sponsored and associated with brands such as SMS headphones (50 cents Headphones), Derion (Beyonce's Label), Applebottom by Nelly, GUESS to name a few and give you an idea.
5.How much control do you have on the artists?
I look at it as 50/50 the artist is the artist because they are the creative type, we as management can only advise, guide and help them achieve their goals. It is up to the artist to take on board what we tell them, if they don't they then risk not achieving their goals but at the same time if we try and control them too much it could be detrimental to their creativity, so therefore I see it as 50/50, an artist without a manager will not make it and a manager without an artist will not make it either.
6. From your opinion, would it be the artist themself or you as the management that determines there brand?
Again it is a bit of both, but I would say it is more on the management as they are the professionals that know what sells, sometimes an artist can have a really great idea around the brand that they want to be but in practice it will not work so it is the role of the management to advise upon this and tell them what does work and how to tweak what they have to achieve what they desire
Charlotte Knight
Shane O'Donnell 

Tuned-1n Management



e-mail: shane@tuned-1n.co.uk
twitter: Shane_ODonnell_
facebook: www.facebook.com/shane.odonnell.tuned1n
skype: shane.o.donnell.tuned1n


House : Beatronik (Worldwide) / Boza (Worldwide) / Celeste Siam (UK & Ireland) / Edele Andaya (Worldwide) / Gabriel Seny (Worldwide) / Kyle Hendricks (Worldwide) / Szeifert (Worldwide) / DJ Trolley (Worldwide) /

Trance : Curtis Young (Worldwide) / Pierre Pienaar aka P.H.A.T.T & Melodia (Worldwide) /

Urban: DJ A.R.G (Worldwide) / JayBlaze (Worldwide) / Urban Zoo (Worldwide) / Remmy Russo (Ireland) /

Urban (Ireland Only): FatmanScoop / Caliswag District / Ryan Leslie / Wiley /
Waka Flocka / Chris brown / Chris Brown dj / Dj Whookid – 50 cent dj / Dj mo
beatz – Big Seans dj / Future the prince – Drakes Dj / Dbanj / Misha b

Live Acts/Bands: Fred and the Pentagon (UK & Ireland) / Katsuo (Worldwide) /
Marvin Live (Worldwide) / Alfie P (Worldwide)

Celebrity DJ Sets: Conor McIntyre UK BB13 (Worldwide) / Sassy Pandez (Worldwide)

Brands: Amnesia Club Tours (UK & Ireland) / Twice As Nice (Ireland) / Pukka Up
(Ireland) / Privilege World Tours

TV Talent: Conor McIntyre UK BB13 / MTV The Valleys entire cast (Ireland) / MTV Geordie
Shore - Gaz, Charlotte, Holly Hagan, Jay, Darren and Scott (Ireland) /

Commercial Photographers: Ash Koshla (UK)

Models:- Cydnie Hunter-McCullough / Doxa Moba / Kelliemarie O'Toole / Leeanne O'Donnell / Rebekah Booth / Sassy Pandez / VivienneLee Curran / 

From reading the reply's from shane, i decided to ask him another question:

Have you had any artists that have come from talent shows?
if so say it was the x factor for example did they change their image/style to suit the show?
No problem. Yeah I have 2 that came from talent/reality shows. One is KEEDA (kat risteska) from Australian X-Factor and yeah she took on the pseudonym of KEEDA for the show and for her musical career, she had previously been on Australian So You Think You Can Dance as Kat Risteska and has been in motion pictures and home + away so KEEDA was to create an almost separate identity so people would focus on her music. The other is Conor McIntyre from Big Brother 13, although its not a talent show as such, it is the show that propelled him into the spotlight, he didnt change he just went in as a straight talking guy up for a bit of banter and came out £50K better where people either love or hate him, but both ways work in his favour, now we are focusing on his fitness training side which he referred to a lot in the house and also pushing him as a dj, which is one of his earlier loves but not something anyone knew about him.


I have also emailed another contact, who i met at V festival back in the summer. Her name is Laura Whitemore and she is an MTV presenter, so she would of interviewed many many artists. I have changed my questions and made them more relevent to her. I now am waiting for a reply.

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