4th October - Back to uni first tutorial

Briefs - 7,000 - 9,000 main text 
Bibliography and illustration  is separate 

Read the brief

Assessment criteria - read - judged against this

Formative 25th October - week 4 - before 4pm - draft and progress map 

Summative friday 30th November - one PDF file - before 11pm - dissertation and progress map

Must incorporate at least two primary research sources within your research (visits, interviews, phone call, email, surveys) 

Save dissertation in memo stick and computer ( save in different places )

1.5 line spacing or double spacing - no single spacing
Word processed 
Pages should be numbered
Title page - title, name, - moodle

Illustrations make it more pleasurable - diagrams / pie charts - support n back up

Tutorial time

Commodification  - commodity 

Process of which something turns into a commodity 

Commodification of a person / artist / music turn into a commodity may turn into a commodity

What have other people said about my topic - present as a debate

No story has one or two sides

Based on all the research now in a good position to make a decision, argue for and against

Need loads of research in bibliography 

3 chapters - make sure they lead on from each other not 3 different topics

Use of images, meaningful to what your writing about

For next week:

Bring whatever you,ve got - more the better
Books etc

A.elyster - email

I also sent an email regarding questions to 2 managements:

Tuned-1in and Global Music Management

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