23rd October - Reply from Rikki Loney

Rikki Loney, kindly replyed to my email. He was in the final 12 and made it to live shows in the X Factor.

Before the Xfactor did you have your own style, and would you have changed your style to get a record deal or become successful? And why? (music, attitudes, looks, hairstyles, clothes etc) 

Before the X factor i was already working in the industry to get noticed ext, so style was important to me and it was very important when i was on the x factor. Standing out was a key factor.

Before Xfactor how long had you been trying to get into the music industry, and at what point did you accept to go on a talent contest? Had you been on any other talent contests before?

I had trained in london from the age of 15, so attempting in the industry was always in my path. after having many knock backs and failed proposals, i decided that reality tv was a way to break into it and develop more knowledge as well the vital prize....A REDORD CONTRACT! I had appeared on the Micheal Barrymore show when i was younger and stars in their eyes Kids when i was younger again .

How far did you get in Xfactor?

Final 12

When you appeared on Xfactor how controlling were the management team?

The Managment team do not full become involved until you have left the competition, e.g., eliminated. 

Did you feel they created a brand for you, and did they determine what clothes you wore and what makeup to have

I created my own brand and they were happy for me to evolve that throughout the competition,

Did you have any say in what you could wear for your performances? E.g were they your own clothes or high street/ designer labels that have branded links to the show

The styling was done by the amazing stylist Faye Saywer , who really let me be who i wanted to be, some weeks id wear my own shoes, but most designers and brands want marketing through the show, so they will send lots of clothes, aswell as the stylist going to stores etc.

Were you allowed to make certain choices for yourself? If so please give an example

Yes, for example, i wanted to wear my own vintage shoes. Each week you have two or three options. Cheryl would tell us just to choose. 

Since the Xfactor, how had your life changed, what has happened?

Since the X factor, i have worked very hard behind the scenes writing all over the world. I toured most of uk doing pa's and shows ext. I voiced a voiceover in the usa where i had been living since recently.

Have you carried on your music career now and do you have management? 


If so how much control do you have now, in what you do, and where you go?


Branding is key in the music industry, but who determines the brand the artist or the management/label: 
Who do you think determines the brand? 

I think branding is developed by all involved. Obviously the label in some cases brands the artist fully, but these days, i think its the artist who operates the branding 




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