1st October - Singer Songwriter Beverley Ely

Beverley Ely is from Essex, she is a singer songwriter hoping to make it big, and have great success. She gigs all around London, famous places such as ronnie scotts and the brickhouse.



I asked Beverley one question which was:

Would You Change Your Style To Get A Record Deal Or Become Successful?
I would change my style to a certain extent to get a record deal or become successful, As long as it still suited me and wasn’t against my beliefs. I would change things such as my hair and clothing as I enjoy reinventing myself. Providing it didn’t define me as someone II am not. however I would not want to change the style of my music, My music is obviously the main reason why I am in this industry and overall that is the biggest thing that is going to represent me as an artist so I feel that I need to stay true to that. Understanding that I may change my style with time and growth anyway but I would not want someone to make me sing rock when Im an RnB singer. I know that in this industry you have to make a lot of sacrifices, as long as I was getting what I ultimately wanted from it and I was happy then I would be willing to negotiate certain changes.

How long have you been getting into the music industry and would you accept talent contests such as x factor for exposure?

I have been Involved in the music industry for the past 6 years, Im hoping that I would never have to go on contests such as x Factor for exposure, I feel that those type of contests never show anyone in a good light. Most artists in the industry keep themselves to themselves and you only know about them through interviews and their music, however on shows like X factor you are being constantly watched and over exposed as a person. Also on those types of shows they Edit it to how they want the person to be seen as its not only a talent show it is also a program and so it has to make good telly. I feel with shows like X factor you are put into a box and are told what you have to wear and sing, If you are a country singer tough they will make you a pop singer because country doesn't sell in the UK. I also feel that most people that go onto them types of shows are not respected in the industry as it i seemed as a lazy thing to do. There are many people on X factor and other shows saying that this is there life that they are putting on the line but they are only 16, I feel that there are so many ways to try and get in the industry that these contests should be the last thing possible for people to try out and they shouldn't go there when they are 16. These shows have nothing to do with talent it is all about making money.

I have also emailed Benedict Cork who is another up and coming artist, and has featured on programs such as SBTV, i am still awaiting this email

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