17th October - Reply from Laura Whitmore (MTV)

I done work experience beginning of this summer for MTV, and Laura Whitmore was a contact there because she is a presenter for MTV, so i had her email. I also met her backstage at V festival back in the summer.

In your role as a presenter you are exposed to lots of different artists – some established and some that have come from talent shows. Do you think that artists that have come from talent contests have had their image decided for them by the show?

It’s hard to assume anything as I didn’t know them beforehand. I do always feel sorry for the artists who have suddenly been thrown into the spotlight without any preparation. I interviewed Rebecca Fergusson yesterday and she said during her stint on the show she was adamant to keep her own personal style but that a lot of other contestants just with what they are told to wear

Have you interviewed artists from the start of their career and again as they have become more successful? If so did you think their image/attitude had changed since they started out? Had a brand been ‘built’ for them?

I interviewed Katy Perry before ‘I kissed a girl’ and she definitely has become more polished and a bigger star since then and she has a bigger entourage when I see her now…but she was always very pretty and confident from the beginning.

When you are interviewing people do you find that there is always someone from the management team present? Have you come across situations where you have asked a question and the management team have stepped in to stop them answering it?

ALL the time. The management can be very protective. Luckily I know a lot of the management so they know I’m never going to put an artist in a compromising position

When you applied for the role as an MTV news presenter, did you feel that you would have to change any aspect of yourself (look, accent, clothes, attitude) in order to successfully win the contract over the other people that applied for the role?

No as I already was very sure of who I was as a person. I was 22 and knew what my style was. They either were going to like it or not. You can’t change who you are completely as that’s not staying true to yourself. It’s like wearing a mask.

If you had to answer my dissertation question in your unbiased opinion, who do you think creates the brand for an artist – the label or the artist?

In a lot of cases the label has an image in their head and they have a lot of control. A lot of artists have some say and it can be a collaborative thing but overall the label has a lot of power.

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