11th October - Reply from Maria Coole and Aubin Reid

I will now email her some questions to answer!


1. Do you have management? If yes, how controlling are they? do you feel pushed into 
doing things your not comfortable in doing?

yes I have a manager. He is controlling when it comes to me being places at the right time i.e studio, gigs and auditions but when it comes to the actual music I have the control as he very much believes in my music anyway, obviously he has an opinion which I trust and take into account. If i'm not comfortable with something he would'nt force me to do it.

2. What have your management company done for you, that has been successful? 

Vasically he built me a website and arranged filming for videos which I get feedback on and other knock on effects like gigs and collaborations with other artists. He also pays for my studio time to put projects together.

3. Have you created a brand for yourself, how do people know you?

My real name is Damien Murdoch so Aubin Reid is the brand. I think of it all as a product or a package so to speak. I play piano and guitar so am very all rounded as an artist. People know me from networking at gigs and from youtube videos and I've been singing in my city for a long time so am quite well known here in Southampton. I've also recently just got back from Los Angeles so word just gets around the more places you go.

4. Would You Change Your Style To Get A Record Deal Or Become Successful? 

No I don't think I'd change my style as you are who you are and you need to stick with that and believe in that if I got myself into a position of a record deal then it's me that got me there so why would I need to change anything?

5. How long have you been trying to get into the music industry, and would you accept talent contests such as Xfactor for exposure?

I've been trying since january to get into the music industry. I've always sang but I learnt guitar and started writing my own stuff. Basically my manager showed belief in me at the start of this year and started piecing a project together. I've been invited to all three talent shows i.e x factor, Britain's got talent and The Voice. The only audition I went to was The Voice as a close friend is working there as a scout and said it would be a good thing for me to do and I trust her.

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