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Hope these answers are helpful, good luck!

Would You Change Your Style To Get A Record Deal Or Become Successful? (attitudes, looks, hairstyles, clothes etc) 

I personally wouldn't because I wouldn't feel comfortable changing myself to please other people. However, I am aware how hard it can be when you don't fit the 'mould' or people continually tell you to change yourself for success.

How long have you been trying to get into the music industry, and would you accept talent contests such as Xfactor for exposure?

I left school around a year and a half ago and have loved taking the long journey and doing it the hard way. Talent contests like the X Factor are great entertainment but unfortunately they don't guarantee longevity or credibility in what is a very judgemental industry. I'd much rather try and fail the hard way!

What have your management company done for you? 

Twenty First Artists have been great at being so supportive and helpful in introducing me into the industry however they have also given me the freedom to still live and be a teenager! I think it's so crucial to find the right balance between work life and social life, I'm still learning that for sure!

What have you already appeared on for exposure? And was this through you or the management? 

Performing for the Queen as a backing vocalist for Joss Stone was pretty crazy! That was actually through my vocal coach Mark De-lisser, who conducted the ACM Gospel Choir for the gig. I've also been lucky enough to work with SBTV through an online conversation with the owner, Jamal Edwards. He's great at supporting new emerging artists!

Do you think your management take control over you? Or is it a 50/50 say? 

I'd say it's definitely a 50/50 say if not more they allow me to make my own mistakes so that I can learn from them and become a better artist. They are very good at guiding me without being suffocating!
Branding is key in the music industry, but who determines the brand the artist or the management/label? 

Who do you think determines the brand?
I definitely feel the artist should determine the brand with guidance and careful observation from experienced industry representatives like management/labels. However the origins of a brand could also derive from collaborations with other artists musicaly and visually aswell as investment
from business or entrepreneurs who may have experience in other areas.

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  • Leave the lead question for now
  • Look at what an industry is/how and what it functions
  • Whats particular about it? (particular setup)

Look at "The culture industry" (Theodor Adorno)
  • Think about it as the industry - its a system thats set up
  • How does the artist fit into this - looking to produce mass culture
  • How someone is packaged and branded
  • He anyalses to the contemporary time
  • Theorie

  • Why are people so obsessed with the artist?
  • The theme as a popstar as an image/in our faces

Important i read other people studies - literature 
  • I took 4 books out of the libary today i will begin to pick the most imporant parts needed

Today I also through Facebook again, have Rikki Loney as my friend who took part in the Xfactor a couple years ago. He has agreed to anwser some questions for me.

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