10th September - The Spice Girls

Spice Girls: Giving you everything - Documentary 

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Spice girls video Part 1/6

“55 millions records sold, 9 UK number 1 singles, 3 back to back Christmas number one singles and the biggest selling single ever by an all female group”

Geri “when I was a child I saw music as an escape”

“we did become really close, really quickly”

Mel B “we knew that we were good, we knew what we were, shes great, you look great, but nobody was telling us that”

Posh “We had such a vision that we wanted to write our own songs, we didn’t want to be told what to do, what to wear, what to sing. We didn’t want to be told anything”

Emma “We found a good manager, and we went to Simon, with I think about 6 written songs”

Video Part 2/6

Emma – song say you’ll be there “This is where boys started liking the spice girls to, because the video was abit naughty and we all looked abit hotter and I think then our fanbase grew”

Geri – “I think that’s really what turnt say you’ll be there that record, it turnt us into from a one hit wonder to actually not just a band”

Posh “ I think that girls could relate to us, none of us were 6ft tall, skinny gorgeous girls you know, we were normal looking girls, that you know with a couple of hours in hair and makeup brushed up alright”

Emma – radio “ Don’t let anybody control your lives, cos you, you control run your lives”

Mel c “ We wanted to be the biggest girl band in the world”

Posh talking about geris dress. “At the time I thought wow that’s a nice dress, and she obviously got a huge amount of publicity from wearing that “

Emma “We couldn’t go anywhere without being recognised”

Video Part 3/6

Posh about the movie “It wasn’t acting, we was generally just being ourselves”

Posh “I remember saying to Simon Fuller once, we want to be a household name”

Mel c “Theres part of you that thinks wow this is so cool pepsi commercial, were on bags of crisps, were on you know everything we did all these adverts, it was really good fun and we became household names, like we had always wanted”

Mel b “At the end of the day if we really didn’t want to do something all 5 of us couda said, were not doing it and that rarely happened”

Video Part 4/6

Posh “Fame defiantly affected us all in different ways, erm some good and some bad and some people have been more vocal about how it affected them then others had.

Mel c “Reality was hitting home how hard it was, how physically and emotionally demanding it all was”

Posh “I remember my mum at one point phoning Simon fuller and saying the girls need a break, these girls are gona burn out they really need a day off”

Geri “it’s a really fine line of trying to manage people personally and then equally manage them professionally, so on one hand your thinking yeah I want to make loads of money for these girls and go for it because that’s what make us happy but equally not to the detriment of their health

Emma “He was our manager so of course he was like I think we should do this and I think we should do that, and he, you know there was that feeling of putting to much on the 5 of us”

Mel c “I kinda pretty much kept it to myself but I wasn’t really that happy being with simon anymore, erm but of course you know the most vocal ladies were the ones that really made it come to filwish it”

Mel b – he got fired “He was trying to control too much”

Mel C “We decided to leave our manager as you do”

Geri “Then we had to start employing people and finding people so its us lot running the show, its like 6 year olds driving a lorry”

Emma “The start of the tour, the 5 of us were the tightest we’d ever been, because you again we didn’t have management we actually really connected again, and erm it felt they we were starting all over again”

Video Part 5/6

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