Quotes from the video:

“16 years of age, it took just one meeting and one song and Robin a shy teen, transformed into Rihanna”

“The edgy pop princess with the music world at her feet”

“She would become one the worlds most recognisable women”

“She scored hit after hit”

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me”

“Rihanna is a superstar on her own terms”

“Im living the life of my dreams and way beyond what I dreamt off”

“It’ll never be normal”

“time magazine voted her one of the most influential people in the world”

Whats your ride been like?

“Started of really I would say claustrophobic, a little bit. I felt like I was really really protected and really guarded with myself, I felt like they were giving me a blueprint and I couldn’t get that.

“The marketing people at the label, they had a brand and an idea of what they wanted me to be without figuring who I was and then working with that”

“I was uncomfortable with that”

How do you pull of your sexiness?

“I had to pretend that I was this comfortable, I really was not. I just felt like I had to fake it, I had to just go for it”

“You have to overcome certain things, and you know im 24 and I can do that now, now I can experiment and I can try things and I can figure them myself out, you know”

My fans

“Its amazing how lonely you can feel, and like nobody understands, and the moment you reach out, and put your guard down and your venerable, somebody always reaches out and knows that you know your not alone and they go through the same thing, I put a lot of importance in that relationship with my fans”

What do you want your fans to know?

“I want them to feel confortable knowing that I have flaws as well, I was them to know those flaws aswell because im afraid of the pedicel, im super duper afraid of the pedicel that comes with fame and being a celebrity, so I keep myself as close to the ground as possible. I wanna be a pear to my fans, I don’t ever wanna be above them or think that because there fans there not, im not one of them or there not one of us, were all people”

Are you comfortable with the title role model?

“No, no because of what society has made that title, its become a title of perfection and that is something that nobody can achieve and I cant say that I’ll get it right everytime, cos I absolutely wont, I wished”

“im a working progress, really”


“I love to have fun, I love to be spontaneous, im intrigued by things that are a little adventurous, things that are a little unknown, im very black and white when it comes to my business but I do allow a great area in my personal life, I want people to feel good”

Whats the hardest and the loneliest of being you?

“The hardest is being lonely, that’s the hardest. The loneliest is erm for me as an individual; I have a thing where I don’t wanna people to think im weak or think of me as a victim, so I dont like to tell people when im going through something because its human nature to always keep that in mind”


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