18th May

Sounds like Branding


Justin Beiber is a prime example of a nobody becoming a somebody in the such little time

Being photographed with other famous artists, makes him more famous - recognizable 

10th May - Group Work

Groups of 3 - talked about our lead questions and research etc 

Lead question 

Need to Add music industry into it 

Branding is key in the music industry, who determines the brand the artist or the management?

Look at: How branding effects the people who listen to music 
Trend setters - rihanna had red hair, so many people began dying their hair red 
The importance of branding 
How branding changes the way we listen to music ( album covers etc ) 

Album artwork 
Staging - when they go on tour 

Example - Britney promoted Pepsi - what does that say about her and the brand at that time 
Getting artists to promote products 
Look at a wider context 
Sub cultures 
Psychology of branding 

When you go shopping they play certain music, to keep you in the shop longer (topshop) 

Harvard referencing 

Making a direct quote from a book, article, tv program and interview 
Short ref connects to long ref in bibliography  
Also use it when u use someone else's ideas - put it in your own words - still borrowing their Ideas - still need to reference the source  
Direct quotations  Always occur in brackets Quotation marks " - if it's more then 2 lines or a paragraph you indent and leave out the quotation marks



Do not put reference in bold, colour or italics - use normal type
Put categories in your bibliography - section to books, internet material, visits etc

1st May - Work for Formative

Lead Question

Who determines the brand the artist or the management?

Research strategy

Chapter 1
What is branding?

Chapter 2
Is it the management or the artist that make the brand? - Debate

Chapter 3
Talk about a specific artist or several? how they changed overtime due to branding - Debate

Research Sources

Interviews (3):

  • I will try to organise an interview with James Colburn who is the site manager at MTV based in oxford street offices. He has worked there for many years and deals with online stories/articles about all kinds of artists, so he has seen them evolve. 
  • I will also try to organise an interview with a good friend of mine Faye Sawyer who is a fashion stylist, and has worked for many artists and TV shows such as the XFactor. I will be able to find out things like, if the mentors tried to force their own branding on the artists each week without letting them have their own individuality. 
  • I also have 2 friends of mine who are up and coming artists in the music industry, they do alot of gigs and recordings around London, the point of this would be to get another persons point of view to see if my theory matched theres, and how they would say they brand themselves.

  • I will write to music companies/record companies, to see if they are the ones creating the brand, if so they can give me an insight into how. When they look for new people what do they look for?
  • I will write to management companies who look after the artists for there point of views.

  • I will create a survey of pictures which people will have to guess which artist belongs to that picture, to see how heavily branded that artist is, by just looking at a picture you would 99% know which artist it would be. 

Throughout my research i will look at:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • Social Media (twitter/facebook)
  • Wesbites
  • DVDS/Films