22nd April - Research Strategy

Research strategy


  • I will explain what i am going to investigate and why. 
  • I will explain what research i am going to use.
  • I will explain how i am going to structure and introduce the chapter
  • Sum up of the intension of what i want to find out

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

  • I will contain the most important points and sum up the arguments
  • I will give my own views based on all the research i have done

Primary and secondary research:

I am also thinking about how i am going to approach my research in more depth

Write a letter:

  • Introduce myself
  • Tell them what i am after
  • Offer them options
  • Attach a brief abstract or research plan
  • Follow up with a call
  • Introduce myself
  • ask them questions on my subject
  • Follow up with a call
Personal Interview:
  • Prepare my questions no more then 10
  • Give them a copy of my questions if possible
  • Ask permission to record
Questionnaire or Survey:
  • No more than 6 to 9 questions, on one sheet which encourage written answers, not just yes or no answers
  • One sheet of paper only with Name, Age, Gender, Job position etc

Blogs i looked at:





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