20th April

Development of my lead question:

  • Branding
  • Perceptions
  • Defining
  • How important is the brand of an artist
  • People constructing the brand?
  • Make a debate and critic 

How does branding affect the build up of a person?

How does branding identify artists perceptions in the music industry?

How does branding influence artists perceptions in the music industry?

How important is branding in the music industry, and how are artists perceived? 

How does branding determine an artist in the music industry?

Is it the individual or the management that make the brand?

But is it the branding or is it the fame and fortune?

Does fame and fortune change the branding of an artist?

Is it the artist that makes the brand or the people that construct the brand?

Does branding change the way an artist is seen, or does the artist make the brand?

How does an artist brand themselves? 

I will now start to think about the research strategy stage, looking at the introduction, chapters and conclusion for the 23rd April

I also bought a book from amazon to help with my research called Sounds like Branding

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