19th April 2012

This session we got to speak to all the different tutors about:

  • Lead question
  • Structure
  • Research Strategy
  • Progess Maps

Lead question:

What is it?
Asking yourself why should be central question
  • Formulate as a question not a statement
  • how do i find out the answer, can i answer it myself?
  • How specific is it?
  • Organise research now, for interviews etc so i am prepared

How branding effects the build up of a person/artist?

What they do as an artist dosent matter anymore because of the way their branded


    Introduction - beginning (800-1000 words)
    Conclusion - End (800 - 1000 words)

    • Introuduce the reader
    • Explain the lead question / what is it your going to investigate and why
    • Use the research method, explain what is it, primary or secondary, justify it. 
    • How you going to structure your analyses, introduce chapter structure
    • Sum it up with the intension of what you want to find out
    (Might want to write introduction last)

    • Contain the most important points and sum up the arguments
    • Read other peples introduction and conclusions
    • Your own views based on all the research i have done
    Chapters ( no more than 3)
    • Make it manageable, break it into mini essays
    • (1500 per chapter roughly)
    • Think about the order
    • Progression
    • What your going to address in each chapter?
    • Give your chapters titles or questions/themes
    • Logical and clear

    Research Strategy: Thinking about my lead question

    • Maybe look at people constructing the brand (email/contact them) instead of the artists
    • Artists are the brand
    • Great debate
    • Lead question should suggest debate and critic
    • Ethics - a sense of right or wrong 
    • Are their any ethical questions you need to think about (whether people are manipulating other people)
    • Whenever you do a comparison you need criteria

    Progess Maps:
    • Linked to dates
    • More information, better grade
    • Reflections on tutorials
    • Email that i may of sent
    • Problems
    • Interesting to see beginning to end
    • Visits
    • Interviews
    • Any type of research
    • Forward planning
    • Films/documents
    • Watch or listening
    • Booklet
    • notice board
    • Blog
    • Written
    How branding defines an artist:

    • Michael Jackson for example if you saw a picture of his glove, you would know straight away who it belonged to.

    • Even album covers, if you were to buy a heavy metal rock and roll album you would know what to look for, because it would be the total opposite to a classical album.


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