14th April 2012 - Research / Rihanna albums

I began to look at how Rihannas changed overtime, her as an artist is a brand itself.

Rihanna was founded by Jay Z who is a very successful worldwide rapper:
  • He created a brand for her
  • Her real name is Robyn Fenty, why was she not called Robyn?
  • How did he know what to call her? was it his decision or hers?


  • Ask questions about rihanna (interviews)
  • how is her brand going to be damaged by getting back with ex singer chris brown?
  • Girls look up to her
  • Marketing team create a brand on facebook – advertising
  • Where as her twitter is her personal account, her personality (give examples of what she says)
  • Comparison between twitter and facebook
  • Email her record label
  • Designers that produced her album covers – define who she is

How important is branding in music?
How music defines an artist as a brand

If I did a visual dissertation on how rihannas changed overtime:

  • Ask peoples opinions on rihanna
  • Interview up and coming artists
  • Give examples of her album covers from start to end
  • What she wore to what she wears now
  • People that construct her?
Rihanna albums:

Music of the sun           2005
A girl like me                  2006
Good girl gone bad       2007
Rated R                           2009
Loud                                2010
Talk that talk                  2011
Unapologetic                 2012 (not released yet)








By the 20th April i want to have an idea of a lead question

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