13th April - Disstertation Preparation

Date of issue

Dissertation Preperation provides an opportunity to investigate in a subject of personal interest that relates to my main area of study, which is Graphic Design.
  • Critical
  • Structured
  • Demonstrating skills

First Lecture:

  • Choose a dissertation subject and formulate a lead question
  • Choose a format (written or visual)
  • Learn about research methodology and devise a research strategy
  • Produce a final synopsis, lead question, research strategy and progress map (submit as one PDF on moodle)
  • 7000 – 9000 words
  • Identify Areas or people you want to interview etc
Primary research
  • Visits
  • Interview
  • surveys
Secondary research
  • Library
  • Websites
 Branding in Music
  • Branding is important for music
  • Represents who that person is
  • Lifestyle
  • Album covers
  • Individuality / personality
  • How we define ourselves
  • Sub cultures in music (punk, hip hop etc)
  • The music you listen to defines who you are
  • The way you dress defines who you are
 Progress map is started

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